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About us

Weifang Topyoung International trading co.,Ltd, located in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China, was created in 2019, Topyoung is an international trading company and distributor of a wide range of construction materials(bulding waterproof materials,PE film, aluminum foil , composite mat with fiberglass and other Raw materials for waterproof membrane)、machine(sbs/app bitumen waterproof membrane machine, automatic dotter,automatic steel band conveyor,One-time forming plate,Automatic double-sided dotter,Veneer press series,Automatic pallet line Steel side box equipment)、Potassium formate products(Potassium Formate solid 97%,    Potassium Formate Liquid 75%,Zinc Bromide,Sodium Formate,Calcium bromide,Sodium bromide,Cesium formate)、EPP Packaging carton in the worldwide market.


Topyoung offers the best price/quality, meets international market demands and delivers all goods on time. Our professional sales and support team can assist to your company needs and develop your business. We have established a global sale network. Our products sell well in the Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and more than 30 countries and regions。


Company Advantage

1.Quality assurance

More than 10 years of professional products deep processing, tolerance/quality assurance, more than 10 years of professional production of various industrial profiles, to ensure your quality.

2.Professional team

Professional technical team, to provide you with customized services according to the customer provided drawings and templates to design and manufacture the production to meet the requirementsFor the product product.

3.Easy availability

More than 10 precision extrusion production lines, easy to achieve large quantities of supply, a number of professional CNC equipment, to provide you with high precision products.     

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