About us  

 Weifang Topyoung International trading co.,Ltd, located in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China, was created in 2019, Topyoung is an international trading company and distributor of a wide range of construction materials(bulding waterproof materials,PE film, aluminum foil , composite mat with fiberglass and other Raw materials for waterproof membrane)、machine(sbs/app bitumen waterproof membrane machine, automatic dotter,automatic steel band conveyor,One-time forming plate,Automatic double-sided dotter,Veneer press series,Automatic pallet line Steel side box equipment)、Potassium formate products(Potassium Formate solid 97%, Potassium Formate Liquid 75%,Zinc Bromide,Sodium Formate,Calcium bromide,Sodium bromide,Cesium formate)、EPP Packaging carton in the worldwide market. 

    Topyoung offers the best price/quality, meets international market demands and delivers all goods on time. Our professional sales and support team can assist to your company needs and develop your business. We have established a global sale network. Our products sell well in the Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and more than 30 countries and regions。

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